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December 19, 2009


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Linda Reynolds

This is very true. The agents who stick with it and outlast the rest for follow up will probably win the customer. Very good advice.

Michel Lautensack

I agree 100% but find very few people stay with any marketing campiagn for 12 hits - but you are right and great advice


Linda S. Cefalu

Every month, if not more. I send something every month to my data base. And, excellent advice. Impressions is one of the biggest terms in advertising. How many impressions have you made this month? Consistency is the name of the game. IT WORKS!


Joe Martin

I've been teaching salespeople for years, "The Fortune is in the Follow up!"

Everyone can make the first call, we're decent on the 2nd and 3rd (sometimes), but when everyone else gives up, if you hang in there - well, look at the stats - that says it all!

Great stuff, Rob!

Andrew Koblick

As they say it 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Follow up the key.
Making sure your Sales Systems are setup t ofollow through will make a big difference.

Cynthia Grimes

Consistency is key!

Rob Minton

All of your comments are dead on! Our prospects buying cycle could be very long and most real estate agents don't recognize this...

Hell - I didn't for the first few years in real estate.

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