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December 15, 2009


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Great reminder Rob! I must say that over my 20+ yr investing career I've taken a lot of flack over my "cold-ish" demeanor to 'outside-of-work' interrupters during the midst of my work day; I do not freely/kindly accept diversions from my production focused activities of growing my business as a private investor... It has been a very long road full of ups and downs: Monetarily Rewarding, Personally Satisfaction even through one Divorce and a few failed partnerships I still survived/thrived through it all. Where as today, I am even more dedicated to this idea of absolute focus in order to have an even more successful, more productive property investing biz than last year, 5 yrs ago, and even more than 20 yrs ago when I first got started. My success has always come down to and still continues to this day due in part to my own un-wavering determination, vision, and laser-focused approach to work all of my plans... Cheers Rob! ~ Derrick


Rob- Arnold is a machine!

I've followed him as far back as 1989 (when I was 12) and he has had a huge influence on my life.

Awesome reminder on Focus and it's a hell of a movie. Thought that you might have shown his funnier clip- although probably not family friendly.

Great blog Rob,



Rob Minton

Thanks Shane! There's a lot to learn from Arnold. If you're one of his fans, I recommend a book about his titled "Fantastic" by Laurence Leamer. It's jam packed with stories about Arnold and many life lessons, too!


Rob Minton


From what you've shared, you have a multi-million dollar education through your life experiences. More importantly, your unwavering focus will lead you to the goals you've set for yourself.

Accomplishing big things in life requires thick skin. Go big or go home!


Michel Lautensack

I just wish he was focused on good rebulician ideas now and not wondering all over the place with his views


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